Charles Oropallo’s Organization

Organization brings several things to Charles Oropallo’s mind.

First is basically about being organized. That is a topic for another discussion entirely. He doesn’t always feel that way although the growth of the business under his direction would dictate otherwise. He does have some links at showing his involvement in several things.

Second is an organization that Charles Oropallo believes in very much – the Alternatives to Violence Project – which he was very involved in since 1992. He has information on AVP-NH about his local involvement although he has been involved world-wide as well.

Third is the organization he built – CharlesWorks. Charles Oropallo founded CharlesWorks in June of 1998 in order to provide reliable and affordable hosting and web development solutions. During the initial stages of Charles’s work he was only providing Internet connectivity for several personal and organizational websites at very low speed.

Over time, Charles’s desire to provide reliable (as well as still being affordable) Internet (website development) solutions moved CharlesWorks into more commercially oriented markets. Despite focusing on business websites, Charles’s team still helps individuals get personal sites and blogs on the web.

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CharlesWorks handles many top level domains for websites. The top level domains (TLD) refers to the tail end of a domain name – like .com, .net, .club, and many more. To get you started,  http://CharlesWorks.Domains offers .biz, .com, .info, .name, .net, .org, and .us domain names with full privacy for only about $15.00 per year! Hundreds more specialty domains are available as well with varying price structures.

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